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Week 12 – The Calm

With only a handful of matchups between teams with winning records, welcome to the most boring weekend of the season. That doesn’t mean there aren’t good games, but nothing like  we’ve grown accustom to. As for me, I’ll be at Senior Day in Tuscaloosa. I love Senior Day.

Much was decided last week for divisional champions. Dreams were dashed, potential was realized, and Houdiniesque escapes were performed. A reminder that before you call your local sports radio guy to complain about rankings or schedule strength of whatever team you don’t like, the season will be viewed as a whole and divisions and conferences are not won by votes but by execution on the field of play. Once the complete picture is there, let the complaining over who the fourth best team in the country begin. As far as playoff expansion, that’s for fans whose teams can’t win the right games. If my favorite team falls short, then maybe we should’ve worked harder. Of course, I can come up with a dozen reasons to justify why Team A should be in over Team B, but the answer is simple and was said best by Al Davis. Just win, baby.

I’ve been enjoying the #MACtion during the week. Exciting and cold games on every night. USC and UCLA tangle for the Victory Bell and lately both have worn home uniforms. Michigan is much improved on offense and controls its destiny in the B1G East. I don’t think they get it done against Wisconsin this week, though. UAB is going bowling in their first year back and my Music City Bowl tickets have shipped (come on Michigan v Texas A&M).

Last week I should’ve been in Vegas as I went a perfect 5-0. I now sit at 33-20-2. Against The Spread for Top 25 and SEC I move to 145-98 on the season. I warn you though, my bowl records lately have been abysmal. I promise to foresee the outcomes better this year.

This week I’m taking UAB (+10.5) against Florida; moreover, I’m tempted to take them on the money line. LSU (-15.5) should cover against Tennessee. I like the Over (41) in Fresno St at Wyoming. South Alabama (-5) over Georgia Southern. What has happened to the Eagles? And, Syracuse (+13) against Louisville.

Who did you pick?



Week 10 – Winter is Coming

The first College Football Playoff poll is out, and I can’t really argue with the rankings. The last week of October provided some exciting games that will help decide the regular season. Plus, we now have the joy that is #MACtion. Instead of focusing space in this blog to what has happened, I’d like to speak to the importance of what is about to happen.

This first weekend in November may be the biggest weekend of the season. Multiple division races will start to become solidified after Saturday. Virginia Tech @ Miami (Fla), Clemson @ NC St, LSU @ Alabama, Stanford @ Washington St, South Carolina @ Georgia, Arizona @ USC and a little game called Bedlam. There are no divisions in the BIG 12, but Oklahoma @ Oklahoma St will go a long way to determine who will go to the new championship game, even if it only opens up tie breaker scenarios. By the way, the Sooners usually win this game when it counts. It’s a whole weekend of ESPN College Gameday-worthy matchups.

While October serves as a month of separation, November is where the season is decided. In the next four weeks, the championship games of December will find their teams and hot seats explode. Some teams couldn’t wait and already made their firings, but the bulk comes now. Jobs will be saved and lost in the next few weeks.

I broke even on the week. 2-2-1 in my Vegas 5 brings me to 25-18-2. Against The Spread in Top 25 and SEC games I’m now 121-79.

This week I’m going with Syracuse (+5) @ Florida St. I was in shock watching the Seminoles last week. It looked like they’ve quit. Northwestern (Even) @ Nebraska has me picking the Wildcats. I think Coach Riley will retire at the end of the season and the Cornhuskers will be in the market for a new coach. Fresno St (-14.5) will bounce back against BYU. I’ll take Southern Miss (+6.5) @ Tennessee. I never thought I’d type that sentence. And I’ll go with the Over (41) in the Minnesota @ Michigan game. Michigan may have an adequate quarterback now.

Who’d you take?

Week 9 – The Bye

I know it’s not a bye week for everyone, but it is for my team. I was there for the 100th edition of the Third Saturday in October and thoroughly enjoyed watching Alabama dismantle Tennessee.

Lots of pundits and sites are quick to remove teams from playoff contention after a single loss. A one loss Power 5 team that wins its championship game has a solid chance to go to the last four. I doubt two loss teams have much of a chance unless chaos ensues. I’m not ready to eliminate a conference or contender just yet, but USC, Auburn, LSU, Michigan, and all the Group of 5 are likely out. But, that doesn’t mean their seasons are over. Conference titles are still to be had and a ring is a ring.

Favorites held serve for the most part last week. The lack of upsets points to this weekend being a little trickier for those expected to win. A lot of ranked teams travel this weekend. Oklahoma St and Washington St go to West Virginia and Arizona respectively. I’m willing to put both on upset alert. In fact, their in-state counterparts, Oklahoma and Washington, have home games they had best bring their A game for (Texas Tech, UCLA). The Greatest Outdoor Cocktail Party is this week. I’ve been to the Gator Bowl and can attest to the party atmosphere for that particular geographical location. NC St @ Notre Dame and Penn St @ Ohio St will be classics. I like both home teams to win close games. The game I have the most interest in this week is Mississippi St at Texas A&M. This has the potential to be the game of the week and is completely under the radar.

I went 4-1 again last week in the Vegas 5. I now sit at 23-16-1. As for Top 25/SEC Against The Spread, I’m a healthy 111-68.

I’m going with Georgia Tech (+14) to make it a game against Clemson. Clemson should win with either QB, but even with the extra week the triple option is tough to defend. Troy (-25.5) is back on track while Georgia Southern has jumped theirs. I like the Over (64.5) in the Washington St at Arizona game. The Pirate will score and Big Man Tate will, too. Virginia (+3) at Pitt. The Cavaliers are unfazed by road games after winning on the smurf turf earlier this season. Lastly, Rutgers (+24) at Michigan. Michigan wins, but the Scarlet Knights are much improved.

Week 8 – The Third Saturday in October

Welcome to my favorite week of the year. This is the week when Alabama squares off against Tennessee. In college football an elevated level of excitement hits when you see certain helmets lined up across from one another. Tradition is what this great sport is all about. That crispness in the air and the changing of the leaves means we’ve reached the height of the season.

Upsets abound last week. Winning each week has proven extraordinarily difficult throughout the history of football. Declaring teams out of contention after a single loss is an overreaction. It’s too early to sort out the playoff picture. Every team has tough tests ahead and each has the opportunity to prove themselves. Those with two losses need considerable help. Those with a single loss have likely lost their safety net. And, it’s always good to be undefeated.

In addition to my favorite game many other great match ups litter the week. USC at Notre Dame is another of those classic match ups that help define all that is great with this sport. Lots of folks are high on the Irish, but I think USC might sneak out of South Bend with this one. Michigan goes to Happy Valley to face Penn State and their White Out. I give the Wolverines little chance. The recently good LSU team travels to their traditional hate week against Ole Miss. If you don’t know how intense this one is, then tune in.

There I was feeling sorry for myself and my Vegas 5 record and then, boom. Last week I went 4-1 and only lost by half a point. That brings my year to 19-15-1. I moved to 100-61 Against The Spread for Top 25 and SEC match ups. That’s 62% for those keeping score.

This week the Vegas 5 starts with Syracuse (+16.5) at Miami. The Orange would be expected to have a letdown after that huge win, but I see them at least keeping it close if not taking it outright. I’ll take the Oregon Ducks (+6.5) at UCLA. Much like their uniforms, you never know which Oregon team will show, but you have a pretty good idea which Bruin D will be there. I want the Over (62) in the Arizona at Cal game. If you haven’t watched Arizona’s QB, you’re missing out. I’ll take Kansas St (+14) against Oklahoma. Something about Bill Snyder Family Field makes me think the Wildcats will show up to play. And lastly, Virginia Tech (-21) to cover against UNC. The Tar Heels just aren’t that good this year.

You picking any this week?

Week 7: Homecoming

Another bad week for my picks, but a crazy week in college football. I figured Iowa St would come within 28 points, but win the game? Texas A&M played Alabama very tough in the 2nd half and that may give them the motivation to close out the year strong. I think their trip to Florida will tell all. A missed extra point cost the Gators the game against LSU. While the Tigers can be pleased to put their season back together, that joy may be short-lived with Auburn coming to Baton Rouge. TCU and West Virginia gave us the only rank on rank matchup and it was a classic. I’d like to point out my pick for the PAC 12 North (Stanford) controls its destiny for the division still.

The coaching carousel has begun. Not only has the Oregon St job become available, but after the Ole Miss/Auburn game was finished, the University of Mississippi posted a job opening for head football coach. Who’s next and how soon? Continuity in a program is important and the quick trigger to force change rarely works the way the fan bases want. But, these guys are paid well to win games.

Speaking of struggling, somebody went 1-4 last week in their Vegas 5. Record is now 15-14-1. But I’m 82-55 Against The Spread in Top 25 and SEC games.

This week’s Vegas 5 has me going with Texas (+7.5) against Oklahoma. I’ll stick with the Steve Williams special and go Purdue (+16.5) against Wisconsin. Texas A&M (+3) against Florida. I want the Over (58) in the Ohio St @ Nebraska game. And lastly, Memphis (-3.5) over Navy.

Who’d ya pick?

Week 5 and the End of September

Sometimes in football you have one of those weeks. I imagine the House did very well in Week 4, no one I know did well at all. No podcast again this week, but there will be one next week to wrap up the first month.

Perhaps the funniest thing from the weekend was the Oklahoma St OL getting a sack on his own QB. I wager he had a rough film session on Monday. I wasn’t overly surprised by many of the outcomes, just how close they were (or were not). That said, I watched a portion of the NC St/FSU game. While FSU still has OL woes, the officiating in that game was wildly inconsistent and that piled on the rust factor for FSU. I picked TCU to keep it close, but wow they looked good. My preseason pick of them playing in the Big 12 game looks pretty good right now.

So, you want Bama? Asking for a friend.

I was mistaken on my year last week. UK, Vandy, and Miss St were all 3-0 in 1911. Now, of course they are all 3-1. UK had an epic meltdown and they may want to switch to the SEC West now.

I moved to 11-8-1 for the year with my Vegas 5 and took an absolute beating Against The Spread with Top 25 and SEC games. I went 11-13 to move to 61-35 on the year.

This week the Vegas 5 starts with Iowa (+3.5) against Michigan St. Do they watch the games in the desert? Fresno St (-10) against a suspect Nevada team. SMU (-17) will be all over UConn. UGA is for real, I’ll take Georgia (-7.5) over Tennessee. And lastly, Cal (+13.5) at Oregon.

Who do you have?

Behold Week 4

A rarity happened last weekend. Alabama played a home game and I was on my couch. But, that gave me the opportunity to watch a lot of football. Clemson was impressive controlling Lamar Jackson. Unfortunately for last year’s Heisman winner, he does not have much of a supporting class. Texas played USC much closer than I anticipated. San Diego St confirmed my faith in them and I begin to wonder if they will get the Non 5 invite to the big bowls. That would create an interesting waiting game for me and the Las Vegas Bowl I attend each season. UCLA fell on its face in Memphis. I don’t buy the body clock argument. Memphis beat them, straight up. UCLA has no D and they seem more suited to the Big 12.

The SEC proved once again that it may be Bama and the rest. Miss St embarrassed LSU. I read somewhere an angry LSU fan asking why they would fire the coach with the best win percentage in LSU history in order to hire the coach with the worst winning percentage in Ole Miss history. Vandy made the conference proud by beating Kansas St. In doing so, The ‘Dores got their first win over a ranked non-conference opponent since Harry Truman was in office. Auburn not only struggled against Mercer, a team that restarted its football program five years ago, they lost their backup QB (kicked off team) and one of its top recruits from a couple of seasons ago (transferring). Methinks there’s trouble on the Plains. For the first time since 1906, Kentucky, Vandy, and Miss St are all 3-0.

I went 3-2 in my Vegas 5 last week bringing my season total to 8-6-1. I moved to 50-22 in Top 25 and SEC games.

This week, I anticipate some great games. Conference play is in full swing for most everyone. For starters, giving 28 points is never that smart a play. That being said, I’ll take Oklahoma (-27.5) over Baylor. The Bears and the karma tour continues. Stanford will not lose three in a row. Therefore, I take Stanford (-7) over UCLA. Staying out West, Give me Cal (+17) over USC. USC wins, but Cal keeps it close. I also want Old Dominion (+27.5) against Virginia Tech. Lastly, Iowa (+12.5) against Penn St. And how cool is their new 1st Quarter tradition of waving to the patients of the children’s hospital next to the stadium?

Happy betting and expect the podcast to return next week.

And Now Week 3

No podcast this week as Irma has disrupted the standard operating procedures.

Two games into a season does not give enough information to get a good handle on who is truly great and who is a house of cards. Of course, film doesn’t lie and there are some very good and very bad teams out there.

The big game of Week 2 was Oklahoma over Ohio St. Consider the last four games for the Buckeyes, a controversial win over Michigan, a decisive loss to Clemson, a comeback over Indiana once the Hoosiers ran out of gas, and now the collapse of the second half to the Sooners. Before I give too much credit to the Sooners (though credit is due), perhaps we have all overestimated Ohio St.

Georgia pulled out a big win on the road against Notre Dame. I think the biggest upset was the crowd was 40% Bulldog. USC stomped Stanford and Clemson suffocated Auburn in the rest of the big-time match ups.

Week 3 gives up some conference match ups but little in the way of national marquee action. Clemson and Louisville is the biggest game of the week. I think we will learn if Clemson is a playoff team this weekend. Louisville relies heavily on great QB play from Lamar Jackson and he deserves the hype. I like Clemson here, but in Vegas, I’d leave it alone. Tennessee travels to the Swamp to meet the Gators. Florida has deficiencies on offense and the Vols on D. It’s a coin flip for me, but I give Tennessee the edge.

My picks last week went 2-3 giving me a 5-4-1 season record. I’ve also been picking each top 25 and SEC game outside this blog (a lot to report on individually). My current record against the spread there is 34-14.

This week my five picks if I were in Vegas again avoid many of the bigger games. I am sold on San Diego St. I know Stanford is my pick in the PAC12 North, and I’m currently ok there, but I see a close game. I’ll take San Diego St (+9.5)

I watched a much-improved Fresno St squad in person. Coach Tedford has brought a solid scheme and they have a legit NFL LB on the team. I’ll take Fresno St (+33) against Washington. The Huskies should win handily, but that’s a lot of points.

South Carolina (-6.5) is my pick over Kentucky. Oklahoma St (-13.5) over Pitt. Boston College (+13.5) against Notre Dame.