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Week 14 – Championship Saturday

We’ve reached championship week and can now look back at the regular season. Enough teams have qualified for the bowls so no teams with losing records get in this year. My preseason Group of Five divisional picks went 2 out of 8. Not great, but I’m in good shape to have the Sun Belt co-champs picked accurately. In the Power Five conferences, I went 8 out of 10. My only misses were Alabama and FSU. The playoff picture is simple for several teams and I think the cut off for potential players sits with the top seven in the mix for the four spots.

Check back next week as we will attempt to get the season wrap up and bowl podcasts up.

It’s hard to imagine a healthy Auburn losing this weekend. But how healthy are they? Oklahoma will probably win the whole thing if they can get by TCU. We find out about Wisconsin finally. USC should win their rematch with Stanford. And I picked the U preseason, so I will stubbornly stick with Miami over Clemson.

The Vegas 5 went 4-1 last week bringing my regular season to 38-25-2. Against The Spread for Top 25/SEC I’m at 171-121.

The Vegas 5 this week sees me taking Georgia St (-5.5) to send Idaho back to FCS with a loss. I’ll take Fresno St (+8.5) against Boise St. They played last week and the MWC rules hosed Fresno St. They should be hosting this game, but instead have to play on blue turf. Sounds like motivation to me. I’ll go with the Over (51.5) in the Ohio St v Wisconsin game. I like the Under (64) for FSU and La Monroe. And Auburn (-2) should cover against Georgia.

Who’d you take?

Week 11 – Clarity

The conference pictures became very clear last weekend. Upsets notwithstanding and barring absolute chaos, the divisional races are now down to a few teams. Bedlam broke out into a basketball game and Iowa continue showing no fear to highly ranked teams in their house. There’s still a lot of exciting football to be played. Oh, and this playoff committee seems to be reasonable and fair. What kind of world do we live in?

Three, yes, three Top 10 matchups this weekend. TCU travels to Oklahoma. The Horned Frogs actually play defense, so this could be a test for the Sooners. Georgia and Auburn play in one of the greatest rivalries in all of college football. A Georgia win coupled with Alabama taking care of Miss St (and those annoying cowbells) would send the Tide to Atlanta. Again. And, Notre Dame visits the U. The Irish and Hurricanes are putting on one of those helmet games I spoke to a few weeks ago. Those logos side by side should pump up every fan regardless if you like either team or not. Let’s just hope there’s not a rumble in the tunnel this year.

Only one team in the SEC has no shot at a bowl and that’s due to sanctions. Otherwise, in the second week of November, they all have a shot. While the league is not a strong as it was, it’s still pretty strong. The B1G is beating each other up and I’m in the camp that thinks an undefeated Wisconsin gets into the playoffs. PAC12 after dark continues to reward those who don’t fall asleep on their couch. This will be an entertaining month for sure.

Last week the Vegas 5 went 3-2. That puts me at 28-20-2. I’m 132-90 in Top25 and SEC Against The Spread.

This week the Vegas 5 likes South Carolina (-7.5) against the woeful Florida Gators. I’ll take the Over (46) in the Iowa at Wisconsin game and the Over (62) when Oklahoma St travels to Iowa St. I like Rutgers (+31) at Penn St, cause that’s a lot of points. And, West Virginia (+2.5) against Kansas St.

Who do you have?

Week 6 and the Crisp October Air

September ended in fine fashion. Steve Williams popped in to talk about the month we witnessed and the one we’re about to see. October college football is like Saturday of a golf tourney, the separation begins. You can find those over on The Football page.

Last week saw two punts bounce off the protectors and one go for -1 yard. USC fell to the Pirate and his Washington St Cougars. USC can still make a run, but they need to gel quickly and no longer have their mulligan. Clemson shined in their road trip to hostile Va Tech. Vandy played Florida much closer than the score indicated and Auburn handled Miss St. LSU and Tennessee fans just started window shopping on Conference play continues next week and proves to be exciting with some great match ups. I think aTm might give Bama a game Saturday. CBS may be regretting grabbing the LSU/Florida game. Thursday night may have the best matchup with Louisville going to NC St.

I improved to 14-10-1 in my Vegas 5 and really need to get a run going. In Top 25 and SEC last week, I went 11-9 and moved to 72-44 for the year.

Alright, Steve Williams talked me into it and I’m kicking this week’s Vegas 5 off with Purdue (-4) against Minnesota. Even though Maryland (+30.5) is down to their 3rd string QB, I think they have enough juice to bust the spread this week against Ohio St. I’ll go with the Over (54) in the Alabama @ Texas A&M game. Miami (OH) (-14) should be in good shape against a struggling Bowling Green squad. And Ohio (-12) over Central Michigan.

Who’d you have?

A Look at Week 2

Hello, football fans! Since the taping of this week’s podcast Va Tech and WVU gave us a thriller, UT stormed back to help the SEC sweep the SEC, and aTm had the implosion of epic proportions. As for my picks from last week’s blog, I went 3-1-1. I guess Florida doesn’t have an offense yet.

With lots of great action on tap for the weekend I’ve chosen the Alabama v Fresno St game as where I’ll be. OK, being a season ticket holder kinda drives that, but still I have not missed a home opener this century.

This week, I’ll take Stanford (+6 ½) over USC. I think USC is still finding its rhythm out of the gate and Stanford is coming off a bye week after playing in Australia in week 0.

I’ll take UTSA (+17) over Baylor. While Baylor will play better this week for sure and UTSA is not good, I’m willing to take a shot in the dark that the road for the Bears will be bumpy this year.

After the roller coaster UCLA had Sunday night and Hawaii’s early success most might stay away, but not me. I got Hawaii (+23 ½).

My lock of the week is Western Michigan (+7) over Michigan St. I’m not sold on Sparty and the former boat rowers still have talent.

And for the last pick let’s take the over (53 ½) in the Auburn v Clemson game. I think the Tigers take this one.

NCAA Week 0

Week 0 is in the books and college football is here. Nothing surprising happened. Stanford rolled, Hawaii struggled on the east coast, and Colorado St showed why the solid teams in the Group of 5 are better than the bottom teams of the Power 5.

So, it’s game week! I’ll have a rooting interest in the Bama v FSU, of course, but from a betting perspective I’d stay away. But that doesn’t mean I don’t see some games of interest that our friends in the desert might offer something worth playing.

Let me preface this by saying Auburn is a team that can make a legitimate run at titles, but favored over Georgia Southern by 34? I don’t see them covering against a solid Sun Belt team that gives most everyone fits.

Michigan is replacing an awful lot from last year. Despite the immense potential of those players and the fact that numerous Gators are suspended, I’m taking Florida straight up. Those not as bold as me are welcome to look at the spread which favors Michigan by 3 ½.


Quick hits: I like Maryland (+18) and the points against Texas, South Alabama (+24) against Mississippi, and Texas A&M (+3 ½) against UCLA.


Who are your picks this week?

Seeing the Future

I again am foolishly showing my ignorance in prognostication. I got 5 of 10 correct in college conference champs in 2016. I picked Army over Navy and Clemson over Bama. My NFL picks for the Super Bowl both lost in the conference title games. All in all, not bad. Take a look in The Football.

Bold College Football Predictions

Paul Cochran stopped by to muse upon the upcoming season and talk about the Power 5 conferences. This year looks as wide open in some areas as any, but early season favorites narrow the projected field to around eight or nine squads. Click on The Football link to hazard a listen to what two college football fans feel is how the season could shakeout and who will sit on top at the end.

Media Days

I love football. I especially love college football. I went twelve and a half years without missing a home game and am currently on a quest to watch all FBS teams live. Yet, at no point have I ever felt the urge to go stand in a hotel and watch players and coaches talk about the upcoming season. I get the concept and think it’s great that the teams are accessible to the media and I can read about what they say. But, I’m just not feeling the whole go and watch them walk to the press conference and back. I’ll see them in the Fall. Even if you don’t have tickets yet, remember, tickets are always available.