Bowl Practice

To say the committee got it right is too easy. There really was no other four team combo worthy of the playoffs. Notre Dame lost at home to Number 4 Cincinnati. Despite Georgia not winning the SEC, no conference champion outside the CFP can claim their record. Oklahoma St could have made it interesting, but goal line play calling became questionable, and they came up an inch or two short. The order of the top 4 could be debated, but I’m sure America loves to prospect of a non-SEC final game. I’m ok with the order they had: Alabama, Michigan, Georgia, and Cincinnati.

OK, so brag time from the preseason show. I accurately predicted 4 of the 10 conference champions. That’s easy math of 40%. I also correctly selected the Cotton Bowl semifinal of Bama v Cinci. My partner in crime, Steve W, was correct that two SEC schools would make the playoffs. He just had a little more faith in Texas A&M than Georgia. W was over sold on Indiana, but his dark horse Iowa won the West. He called the Purdue bounce back, the aTm upset of Bama, and Billy Napier picking this year to move to the big time. He went 5-7 on the Over/Under game. We were both way off on Oklahoma.

I closed the regular season at 39-31-1. That essentially puts me at 55%. Not bad and I’ll take it. Profit is profit. I will have bowl bets ready as we learn who is out and what coaches are where. I did throw some action on the Money Line for Cincinnati at +400. If Alabama loses, I want something for my trouble. Obviously, no picks this week. I’m interested to see what the injury situation looks like for the playoff teams. An the Vegas Bowl is in the new stadium this year, but I have seen both teams live.


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