Get Your Popcorn Ready

We have arrived at the week that most folks have waited for. This is the game you’re supposed to win. Call it what you want, Rivalry Week or whatever, but coaches are judged by performance in these games. Some didn’t even make it this far. Honestly, I’m not too surprised by some. I’ll make no predictions on who goes where, but I will make the observation that every opening seems to illicit the same three or four names. I hate to tell y’all but a) you ain’t that good a job and b) he ain’t that good a coach. Sometimes a change is necessary, but sometimes, and by that I mean usually, you think you can find someone better. Trust me, I lived through a bad decade of is this the guy before landing the GOAT. It’s about fit not name.

Diatribe paused. Last week saw Bama finally escape Arkansas. Honestly, I had the Razorbacks winning the Over on projected total, so I’m not that surprised. UGA demolished their inferior opponent. I’d like to state that UGA is unequivocally the best team in the country, but they have not been punched in the mouth yet. And we all know what Tyson said about that. To say Ohio St handled Michigan St seems an understatement. They may be playing the best of anyone, but that is their only win of note. My Bearcats are still in play and I can tell you their stadium is a destination location. Go see a game there, you won’t regret it. I apologize, I did not revisit the preseason show yet, but I discovered Hit Monkey on Hulu. Going into the last weekend of play I so far have correctly assessed 7 of a possible twenty conference championship game teams.  We shall see if a few more find their way to me. But, like the Miami Vice theme, I feel I Jan Hammered it.

This weekend should be about deciding factors and bitter grudges. Bedlam seems to think it is the end of an era. Mike Gundy, the mullet himself, thinks Ok St won’t play OU once they move to the SEC. There is zero reason this game can’t go forward. There are four major non-conference rivalry games currently in the SEC and there would be a fifth if some Texas boys weren’t so pissy. It is east to blame and less comfortable to do what’s right. If you don’t want to play, then say so. For the record, I don’t consider Bedlam that big a rivalry. You actually have to beat the other guy more than when it’s inconvenient to make it count.  And in the no one but the homers agree with you category, Bo Nix complaining about referees not only goes beyond ridiculous, but it pouts me in a position of commentary I am not comfortable with. If I say what I think, then I can be labelled a homer, but his reality coincides with neutral observed EVER.

It is hard to bet rivalry week. But yet here I am. I went 4-1 last week (silly me for thinking that Wake –37Forest was more than Vandy) and I now sit at 37-24-1. The Deacs cost me both the Parlay and the Teaser. It hurt and I’m bitter, but ya know, I’ll push through and make some bad NFL decisions (dangit, I did just that). This week I am taking the Over (+64) for Ole Miss at Miss St, UNLV (+18) at Air Force, the Over (+56) for Alabama at Auburn, SMU (-6.5) when they host Tulsa, and the Over (+43) when Clemson travels to South Carolina.


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