Struggle Wins

I think we can all agree that Georgia is currently the best team in college football. While looking at their schedule so far this year I was quite surprised at how blah I found it. They have passed the eye test and beaten teams with tons of talent, but they do not have the kind of quality win like Cincinnati or Oregon. That being said, I don’t think Cincinnati is undefeated playing Georgia’s schedule and Oregon may have dropped two by now. Almost the entirety of the top ten underperformed last weekend.

This weekend has some tastiness to it. Aside from our usual MACtion we get this time of year, there are big boy match ups that whet the appetite. Oklahoma @ Baylor is the prime rank on rank game. Who is for real and who wants to win the Big 12? Texas A&M (or aTm) goes to Ole Miss needing to win to stay in play for the SEC West. While NC St and Wake Forest play a crucial game to decide the ACC (did I really just type that?). I think the Georgia game at Tennessee will be telling. The Vols offense has given some teams fits as the year has progressed. Does the best defense in the land slow them down? Will Purdue continue its giant slaying and play their way to the B1G Championship Game? November is when it matters.

Lost Monday Night Football cause that what the happens when you pick the Steelers. I struggled as well going 2-3 and moved to 31-21-1 on the season. This week throws me a curve as one of my games has been postponed. So, USC v Cal will have to wait. In what was once must see tv, I have Miami (-2.5) against FSU. The young Canes have played well lately. I’m taking Michigan (+1) at Penn St. And I have the Over for aTm at Ole Miss (+55.5) and Georgia at Tennessee (+56). Per normal there is a Parlay and Teaser involved and my USC (-1.5) will just have to wait and falls off the multigame plays.


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