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A Look at Week 2

Hello, football fans! Since the taping of this week’s podcast Va Tech and WVU gave us a thriller, UT stormed back to help the SEC sweep the SEC, and aTm had the implosion of epic proportions. As for my picks from last week’s blog, I went 3-1-1. I guess Florida doesn’t have an offense yet.

With lots of great action on tap for the weekend I’ve chosen the Alabama v Fresno St game as where I’ll be. OK, being a season ticket holder kinda drives that, but still I have not missed a home opener this century.

This week, I’ll take Stanford (+6 ½) over USC. I think USC is still finding its rhythm out of the gate and Stanford is coming off a bye week after playing in Australia in week 0.

I’ll take UTSA (+17) over Baylor. While Baylor will play better this week for sure and UTSA is not good, I’m willing to take a shot in the dark that the road for the Bears will be bumpy this year.

After the roller coaster UCLA had Sunday night and Hawaii’s early success most might stay away, but not me. I got Hawaii (+23 ½).

My lock of the week is Western Michigan (+7) over Michigan St. I’m not sold on Sparty and the former boat rowers still have talent.

And for the last pick let’s take the over (53 ½) in the Auburn v Clemson game. I think the Tigers take this one.

NCAA Week 0

Week 0 is in the books and college football is here. Nothing surprising happened. Stanford rolled, Hawaii struggled on the east coast, and Colorado St showed why the solid teams in the Group of 5 are better than the bottom teams of the Power 5.

So, it’s game week! I’ll have a rooting interest in the Bama v FSU, of course, but from a betting perspective I’d stay away. But that doesn’t mean I don’t see some games of interest that our friends in the desert might offer something worth playing.

Let me preface this by saying Auburn is a team that can make a legitimate run at titles, but favored over Georgia Southern by 34? I don’t see them covering against a solid Sun Belt team that gives most everyone fits.

Michigan is replacing an awful lot from last year. Despite the immense potential of those players and the fact that numerous Gators are suspended, I’m taking Florida straight up. Those not as bold as me are welcome to look at the spread which favors Michigan by 3 ½.


Quick hits: I like Maryland (+18) and the points against Texas, South Alabama (+24) against Mississippi, and Texas A&M (+3 ½) against UCLA.


Who are your picks this week?

Seeing the Future

I again am foolishly showing my ignorance in prognostication. I got 5 of 10 correct in college conference champs in 2016. I picked Army over Navy and Clemson over Bama. My NFL picks for the Super Bowl both lost in the conference title games. All in all, not bad. Take a look in The Football.

Bold College Football Predictions

Paul Cochran stopped by to muse upon the upcoming season and talk about the Power 5 conferences. This year looks as wide open in some areas as any, but early season favorites narrow the projected field to around eight or nine squads. Click on The Football link to hazard a listen to what two college football fans feel is how the season could shakeout and who will sit on top at the end.

Media Days

I love football. I especially love college football. I went twelve and a half years without missing a home game and am currently on a quest to watch all FBS teams live. Yet, at no point have I ever felt the urge to go stand in a hotel and watch players and coaches talk about the upcoming season. I get the concept and think it’s great that the teams are accessible to the media and I can read about what they say. But, I’m just not feeling the whole go and watch them walk to the press conference and back. I’ll see them in the Fall. Even if you don’t have tickets yet, remember, tickets are always available.

My Friend Died Today

A legend died today. His name was Jimbo and he taught me how to tailgate. Now, we’ve all seen those overdone displays of tailgating with the inflatable tents, chandeliers, and party trailers equipped with port-o-potty and plasma screen. But, the essence of the tailgate isn’t in the toys. Tailgating encompasses what we are as people. The ability to serve as congenial host to both home team and visiting foe is more than courtesy; it is quite simply what should be done. Jimbo defined this.

When I met him, he wanted you to have the cornbread. This cornbread was made with jalapeño and habanera. You survive the heat and you made a friend for life. I bit into this breaded lava and began to sweat immediately. He simply put his arm around me and reached into the closest cooler. He rummaged the bottles of beer explaining why each failed to meet my desire to put out the fire in my mouth. He finally explained that the beer in the back cooler must be colder. By the time he found the beer for me I had already thrown two pieces of ice into my mouth. We laughed and I slammed that beer.

Others would find that his recipe for crown and coke called for the smallest splash of coke known to man. When visiting fans joined us, whether we brought them or they just wandered up, he got their take on the game, poured them a drink, and offered them great shrimp. Obviously more than just he could claim responsibility for the hospitality bestowed upon those lucky enough to say hello. But, for many of us, Jimbo will always be the paragon of tailgating.

So, tonight we raise a glass to the man who taught so many how to be a great host. Others can overcompensate with grandiose displays of fake fandom. Others can be the Johnny-come-latelys and wannabes. Jimbo was old school. Win or lose a smile graced his face. A win brought celebration and the unfortunate loss an opportunity to show what we were made of and his words “when you spread those newspapers out tomorrow, what will you find?” It’s only been a few hours, my friend, but I already miss you greatly. Roll Tide, anyway.

Observation on the Obvious

Welcome to my two cents. The media is a-buzz about Michael Sam being drafted. I would like to go on record on this wonderful tool we call the internet. Now, it has been 400 forevers since I strapped on pads. At the same time, a team is a team whether your job is to tackle somebody or build a better widget. It is important to remember that Michael Sam is not the first gay player in the NFL. He is just the first with either the societal opportunity/courage to step out and proclaim his sexual persuasion. According to everything I’ve read concerning those who came before him who were unable to comfortably able to speak freely, the teammates have never showed anything other than the desire to work together and win. Now, I’m not naïve enough to think that the world was sunshine and unicorns, but it is better than outright locker room ostracization that one might expect.

So here’s the deal. While Sam is a true football player who dominated the college game, let’s remember the number of Heisman Trophy winners who have done NOTHING in the NFL. The Heisman goes to the most outstanding player in college ball. The co-SEC Defensive player of the year even has to deal with the jump to the next level. Even the Heisman runner up this year was a late round pick and he owns three national championship rings.  Sam has been blessed by finding an opportunity to make the team on his merits as a player. I for one am pulling for him, cause he has game.

One day we will not look at a player because of what he looks like, who he dates, or who he prays to. I am a solid college football fan. My favorite pro team has not won a league championship in my lifetime. I will safely say I would be proud to claim Sam as a fellow alum of a member of my favorite team. Alas, he is neither. But I  will be watching his progress and wishing him well. But if we are to truly live in a society in which all are considered equal, then let’s hope he earns that spot on the roster for something other than marketing.

Creating a Thesis

The time has come to be more constructive. Therefore, blogging will be accomplished at regular intervals.

Since, added to my passions of fermentation, football, and fear is History. You notice I write the word with a capital letter. I will provide updates on the progress of my thesis. For starters, the working argument concerns the legitimacy, or lack thereof, enjoyed by the chief claimants to the dead King Edward the Confessors throne in 1066. Spoiler alert! The Saxons lose. I have compiled my primary sources, spent years studying the period, and have written pages upon pages on the various aspects of the fall of the Anglo-Saxon. The time has come to academically put up or shut up.

To provide the cheat sheet for those who are either not in the know or have yet to suffer through a drunken bout of listen to the boring guy at the end of the bar, I will start with the four claimants with the best case for the crown.

Edgar Aethleing – the youngster grandson of Edmund Ironsides who was briefly king before the Viking Cnut took the English crown. Factors against him were both age and the fact that he was born in Hungary due to his father’s exile.

Harald Hardrada – The total B.A. king of Norway had grown past his prime, but according to a treaty, he was to ascend to the throne of England in case Cnut’s heirs had all died out. Among the negatives for Harald were his total lack of ties to England, the fact that it had been decades since a son of Cnut ruled England, and the idea that he only sailed west because of Harold Godwinson’s brother Tostig talked/conned him into it.

Harold Godwinson – The most powerful man in the most powerful family of England. He served King Edward as his father did before him. A capable leader and general, he maintained order for the pious Edward. His sister was Edward’s wife and he enjoyed the support of the Witan (the nobility who elected Saxons kings) and a deathbed blessing of rule from Edward himself. However, the Normans seem to disagree heavily with his claim and counterclaim that Harold swore an oath to put Duke William of Normandy on the throne.

Duke William of Normandy – Not only was he an illegitimately born son of the duke, but he only held such formidable power through force and coercion. He was, however, the maternal nephew of Edward and claims Edward promised him the throne while Edward was exiled to Normandy during the reign of Cnut and his sons. The problem is only the Normans seem to remember this promise. Moreover, Edward seems to have been liberal with who he promised the crown to.

Why Do I Keep Watching the Same Story Told Hundred Ways?

Perhaps the easiest horror film plot in the world is young people trapped in isolation. There are so many ways to go from there. Serial maniacs and backwoods cannibals notwithstanding, the possibilities are near endless. Old hotels, cabins in the woods, or even a spaceship in a futuristic field trip, teens and college kids have the ability to fit in anywhere they can have no ability to reach the outside world or safety. Once you get them to wherever they are going, the next phase of clichés begins.

Now, what I have always wondered is how they can place so many loners in the mix with the cool kids, jocks, and token ethnic/nerd characters. It’s almost like without a James Dean, no one is getting saved. Once you bump everyone you can off, you throw in that wicked little twist. Unless your attempt at twist is more clichéd than your stereotypical teens you are in good shape. So, now that the slaughter has culminated in a good feeling of relief and a tummy full of popcorn what do we have? Probably about two thousand of the same flick told in dart board fashion. All you have to do is choose the location, characters, and twist by where your dart lands.

Alright, why have I read this far you ask? The payoff is to do yourself a favor. Watch the brilliant twist on the subgenre that is Cabin in the Woods. I provide no spoilers in this blog. But, I will say that it has Thor, so there ya go. If you have already seen it, then watch it again. Restore your faith in American horror with gems like these. Then do me a solid and let me know if I need to catch something that pushes the edge of horror or reinvents those little stories that we have heard, seen, and read so many times before.