Week 11 – Clarity

The conference pictures became very clear last weekend. Upsets notwithstanding and barring absolute chaos, the divisional races are now down to a few teams. Bedlam broke out into a basketball game and Iowa continue showing no fear to highly ranked teams in their house. There’s still a lot of exciting football to be played. Oh, and this playoff committee seems to be reasonable and fair. What kind of world do we live in?

Three, yes, three Top 10 matchups this weekend. TCU travels to Oklahoma. The Horned Frogs actually play defense, so this could be a test for the Sooners. Georgia and Auburn play in one of the greatest rivalries in all of college football. A Georgia win coupled with Alabama taking care of Miss St (and those annoying cowbells) would send the Tide to Atlanta. Again. And, Notre Dame visits the U. The Irish and Hurricanes are putting on one of those helmet games I spoke to a few weeks ago. Those logos side by side should pump up every fan regardless if you like either team or not. Let’s just hope there’s not a rumble in the tunnel this year.

Only one team in the SEC has no shot at a bowl and that’s due to sanctions. Otherwise, in the second week of November, they all have a shot. While the league is not a strong as it was, it’s still pretty strong. The B1G is beating each other up and I’m in the camp that thinks an undefeated Wisconsin gets into the playoffs. PAC12 after dark continues to reward those who don’t fall asleep on their couch. This will be an entertaining month for sure.

Last week the Vegas 5 went 3-2. That puts me at 28-20-2. I’m 132-90 in Top25 and SEC Against The Spread.

This week the Vegas 5 likes South Carolina (-7.5) against the woeful Florida Gators. I’ll take the Over (46) in the Iowa at Wisconsin game and the Over (62) when Oklahoma St travels to Iowa St. I like Rutgers (+31) at Penn St, cause that’s a lot of points. And, West Virginia (+2.5) against Kansas St.

Who do you have?


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