Week 6 and the Crisp October Air

September ended in fine fashion. Steve Williams popped in to talk about the month we witnessed and the one we’re about to see. October college football is like Saturday of a golf tourney, the separation begins. You can find those over on The Football page.

Last week saw two punts bounce off the protectors and one go for -1 yard. USC fell to the Pirate and his Washington St Cougars. USC can still make a run, but they need to gel quickly and no longer have their mulligan. Clemson shined in their road trip to hostile Va Tech. Vandy played Florida much closer than the score indicated and Auburn handled Miss St. LSU and Tennessee fans just started window shopping on coachsearch.com. Conference play continues next week and proves to be exciting with some great match ups. I think aTm might give Bama a game Saturday. CBS may be regretting grabbing the LSU/Florida game. Thursday night may have the best matchup with Louisville going to NC St.

I improved to 14-10-1 in my Vegas 5 and really need to get a run going. In Top 25 and SEC last week, I went 11-9 and moved to 72-44 for the year.

Alright, Steve Williams talked me into it and I’m kicking this week’s Vegas 5 off with Purdue (-4) against Minnesota. Even though Maryland (+30.5) is down to their 3rd string QB, I think they have enough juice to bust the spread this week against Ohio St. I’ll go with the Over (54) in the Alabama @ Texas A&M game. Miami (OH) (-14) should be in good shape against a struggling Bowling Green squad. And Ohio (-12) over Central Michigan.

Who’d you have?


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