Here We Go!

Welcome to the blog that addresses the hardest hitting topics of our day. Interaction is always encouraged but the niceties will be observed at all times. A glimpse into the world of Mat Hudson literature concerns the following topics. Hopefully together we can learn and grow into heathens scared to stumble outside to check the circuits when the ball game is interrupted by a spooky power outage.

  • Fermentation – Each week we will explore microbreweries, fine spirits, and frivolity. Sometimes it will just be around my home town and other times we will travel the world.
  • Football – On Tuesdays and Wednesdays check for insights into college football. During the off season for America football and during important events, I will wax poetic on good old football, or as we call it soccer.
  • Fear – Each weekend a different aspect of horror will be examined or reviewed. Hopefully we at TheMatHudson can steer you the readers to good books, movies, and games. Also, your feedback through polls will help us learn more as well.
  • As an added bonus, days with historical significance will often be discussed. Of course, as an Ancient and Classical Historian, those events may not be as well known to the average reader.


Join us on our journey to provide insight, inspiration, and inebriation to you each week.





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